Friday, 10 May 2013

Swiss Swiss Everywhere

On a chilling but sunny Saturday morning, we ventured out to the 4th annual Swiss market at the Danish House in Penrose. There was a light, family environment with many people experiencing all that is Swiss. The food on offer included Spätzle (a type of egg pasta) with caramelised onion and cheese,and an assortment of traditional breads and pastries. We picked up a classic pretzel  and a hazelnut pastry- both delicious with the pretzel a bit on the smaller side.

Spätzle making in progress

Also available were Swiss food products which you can not easily find in New Zealand supermarkets, like Fondue mix and Rosti mix- how Swiss! The best and most affordable knifes in the world (Victorinox!) were even there. I got a packet of three small ones a few years back in Switzerland and they are still going strong- even after being in the destructiveness of the dishwasher.

It is wonderful to see such events in Auckland to give you an insight into another culture which might not be so apparent in everyday life. I say 'keep it up!' to the organisers of this small and popular market.

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